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Classifieds Script Features

  • Registered Members/Vistors can upload up to 8 Images for each Classified Ads!
  • The Person who is registered Member of the Site is able to float their Questions and queries related to different Fields and get the answers from other Visitors of the Site!
  • There is a separate link in the Admin panel to Manage Forum.

  • Visitor have to pay some amount to set his Classified in featured section. That amount will be set by the admin.
Featured Ads
  • Charge users to post Classifieds Ads on your Website. You have control that which category Classified you want the payment by adminpanel. You can make the Categories free as well.
  • Admin is able to post Google add's under various Categories.
  • You can earn real Income!
  • TOP Banner Advertisement Size 728x90: Visitors can send their Requests for Banner posting in the Website. Visitor can post Top Banner Ads in all Categories. Banner will get displayed only after payment. Example ->
  • The whole Structure of the Website will be manageable through easy to use Admin-Panel of the Website!

  • In developing the Script, we have geared ourselves to the most successful Classifieds-Sites on the Internet like,, etc.!

  • Manage Logo: You can upload your own Website-Logo to your Classified-Website!
  • This Section help the Admin of the Website to manage the SEO . Admin of the Website will be able to add, edit, delete new Keywords to the section of the Website!
  • Search Engine Friendy URLs: Clicking onto the Classified the URL is including the Classified heading.
  • Manage Newsletter: Admin can view all the Members who have subscribed themselves to receive the Newsletter and will be provided with Rich Text Editor, using which the Admin can send Newsletter to the selected Members.

  • Manage the Display Settings, you can choose between 6 different Classified Display Pages (Templates) with different colors at any Time!

  • Manage Social Network Ads: Connect your Classifieds Website with popular Social Networks: Facebook "I Like", Twitter Tweet, Linkedln etc.
Latest Adds Classifieds
  • The Latest Classifieds Ads are displayed on the left Site of the Front Page with Pictures and Title.

  • Google Maps integrated into a Classified Ad give users a visual, intuitive way to find the sellerís location.
  • Facebook Commments: Users are able to Comment your Classified Ads on the Classified details page.

  • The Users are able to ad YouTube Videos in their Classified Ad.
  • Example: here -->

Featured Ads
  • The Users are able to set Featured Classified Ads. Featured Ads will be displayed on Front page and on Classified Ads listing pages.
  • We provide the Script for the Country you want!
  • Notice: BASIC-Language is of the Site is always ENGLISH!
  • But we can deliver the Script in SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, TURKISH, INDONESIAN, FRENCH and GERMAN.

  • Choose your Country and we deliver the Script with all States and Cities.
  • Notice: BASIC-Language is of the Site is always ENGLISH!
  • But we can deliver the Script in SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, TURKISH, INDONESIAN, FRENCH and GERMAN.

We can install the Classifieds-Script for you on your Server
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