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  • Can I install Classified Script myself?

Yes. You can either install the Software yourself or let us install it for you.

  • If you install the Sript for me, how long will it take?

Installation of the Script on your Server by a Member of the Tech Team takes less than 24 hours.

  • How many Domains may I install my script on?

Buying of our Product means that you are licensed to use the Product you purchase on one Domain name and server.
Additional Domain Names should be purchased at the following Price: 69 USD.
We do however prohibit Redistribution or resale of our Scripts in any way!
If you have a special license need, please contact us and describe your Requirements.

  • What is the language of the Classifieds Script?

BASIC-Script-LANGUAGE for ALL Countries is ENGLISH in any case !
But we can deliver the

  • Is your Software encoded? Can I edit /modify it?

Not it is not, and yes you can! Classified script come with PHP source code,
so you are free to modify the code according to your requirements, on your own risk!

  • What are the Earning Features?

1. Google-Adsense:
You are able to post Google-Adsense Add's under various Categories. You can generating real Income from your Classifieds Website.

2. TOP Banner Advertisement Size 728x90:

Advertiser have the option to upload Banner on your Website "Advertise with us":

3. PAID Classifieds:
You have control that which category classified you want the payment. You may make them free as well. Classifieds Ads will get displayed after Payment received.

4. Featured Classifieds

Visitor have to pay some amount to set his classified in featured section. That amount will be set by the admin.

  • Is technical Support available/free?

Yes! We offer lifetime email Support for FREE.

  • How much is the Classifeds-Script?

The Classified Script costs $99 (Special offer)

  • After I buy the Software. How long can I use it for?

Forever. The Script comes with a lifetime License.

  • What will happen after I place my order / payment?

After the Payment we will send you following Email:

Please fill out ALL the fields:
- URL for the Script:
- Do you want to use the Script worldwide with >200 Countries (yes/no)?:
- Country you want to use for the Script:
- Currency you want to have for the Script:

Do you need HELP installing the Script? We can install the Classifieds-Script for you on your Server. For free!
IF SO, please give us your Login-Data of your Server!
- Server-URL:
- Username:
- Password:
Installation of the Script on your Server by a Member of the Tech-Team takes less than 24 hours.

Then we will deliver your personal Script by Email or we will install it on your Server for Free!

  • What are the CLassified Script Server Requirements:

- PHP 5
- MySQL 4.1 or above
- Linux
CRONJOBS (important)
- Url rewriting allowed
- PHP.ini configuration
- File upload: on
- Memory limit: 64 MB or higher
- Upload max filesize: 64 MB or higher

  • What Web Server would you recommend?

We can recommend

Do you need Hosting ? We recommend

If you have a question not listed in our FAQ Page, please feel free to contact us !

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